Photopea Tutorial:

Photopea tutorial series is presented in a sequence to make it easy for beginners to professional level users. As the Photopea Image editor is an advanced-level photo editor and graphic design tool that anyone can use for free.

It is suitable for both raster and vector graphics. It is a very handy tool for simple tasks like resizing an image,  as well as complex tasks like designing webpages, creating illustrations, processing photographs, etc.

Advantages of Photopea Image Editor

  • Photopea editor is that it works in a web browser and can run on any device like a desktop, laptop, tablet, and even from a mobile phone.
  • It runs completely on your device, just like Sketch or Photoshop. It does not upload any of your files to the internet.

Here you will find the best tutorials in a step-by-step series.

Photopea Tutorial Index

Workspace Introduction
Open a file in Photopea
Navigation in Photopea
Working with Image size 
Working with Layers
Masks in Photopea
Layer Styles
Smart Objects
Other Layers 
Layer Editing
Free Transform
Adjust. & Filters
Make Selections
Advanced Selecting
Refine Edge
Move Selected Data
Brush Tools
Basic Tools
Advanced Tools
Smart Tools
Text Style
Vector Graphics
The Structure
Editing Shapes
Creating Shapes
Vectorize Bitmap
Color Spaces
Guides & Snapping
Layer Comps


Photopea How to Guide