What is a STEM Career

STEM career is generally considered is most technical careers as they may be a little challenging and needs some sort of technical skills with a flare of an innovative mindset.
These jobs are not always confined to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics you will have to be on your lab coat all the time.  But surprisingly these are very diverse and not pretty identical to other jobs.


To become a geographer you need a bachelor’s degree in Geography. This job profile needs to do research about the Earth and its elements and people. Apart from the Batchelor’s degree, a geographer should possess the skills and knowledge about the latest technologies used in his field of work. The most common and professional certification for geographers is GIS. Check here for the best institutions providing GIS certification programs.

Biomedical Engineers:

Biomedical Engineers connect engineering and healthcare industries together and apply skills from both fields to design and develop software and computer applications for the healthcare industry.
To become an entry-level Biomedical Engineer, you just need to have a bachelor’s degree in engineering or Bioengineering, and having a Master’s Degree in any one of the fields will be an add-on.

Materials Scientist:

As the growing economy expects higher quality products at lower prices, the demand for material scientists is always high. They examine the physical properties of manufacturing materials and develop new products keeping the quality consistent for the existing products.
To become a material scientist, you simply need a bachelor’s degree in chemistry or in a related field but a Ph. D is required to go for a research position.

Computer Systems Administrator:

A computer System Administrator’s job is to maintain computer networks, install software and hardware, and maintain daily operations related to computer networks, devices, and other peripherals for an organization. The demand for a computer system administrator is increasing as most industries are updating their old system with modern technology as well as the new companies that need a computer system administrator from the very beginning.

You need a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information science, or computer engineering to get an entry into this popular STEM Job.

Environmental Engineer

The job of an environmental engineer is to use the principles of engineering, soil science, biology, and chemistry to study and develop solutions to environmental problems. They work in a variety of situations because of the nature of the task. While working with regional planners and other engineers, they stay in the office. But to carry out solutions through construction projects, they need to get the onsite construction project site.
To become an environmental engineer, you simply need a bachelor’s degree in environmental engineering or a similar discipline.

Computer Support Specialist:

Computer Support Specialist is an entry-level position for anyone interested in the field of technology. This is one of the fastest-growing job prospects that almost every industry but especially in health care.
Becoming a computer support specialist is easier than any other job as this position only needs a basic level degree in computer science, sometimes a post-secondary qualification with good IT skills is enough.

Forensic Science Technician:

This is one of the most demanding STEM careers in terms of future job prospects. The job of a forensic science technician is to study and analyze the items collected from crime scenes and to prove the evidence. As crime is continuously rising, police officers and detectives will increasingly rely on forensic science technicians to support their criminal investigations.
To become a forensic science technician a bachelor’s degree in forensic science, biology, or chemistry is enough to get an entry-level position but a master’s degree will really add mileage to face the competition.

Web Developer:

If you want a quick entry into the field of STEM, becoming a web developer is the best option. The demand for a web developer position is increasing parallelly with the explosion of the e-commerce industry.

To become a web developer, an associate degree is ok but to lead the position at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science or engineering with a sound knowledge and understanding of web technology, and coding is required.