What is Coding? Why it’s Important for Kids?

Coding is a well-known topic among the new generation. There are hundreds of ways we are associated with the coding practice. The only thing is to realize how are we associated with coding in our daily life.

You will get all the questions answered here once you have finished reading this post. And, I am sure that you are going to write a comment with a smile on your face at the end.

Let me tell you how are you associated with coding in your life.

Do you use the clock that is there on your mobile phone to set a reminder or an alarm?

If the answer is yes then you practice coding every day.

Am I right?

WHAT IS CODING: Coding is the process of communicating to your device and making it understand what you want and how you want, and enabling your device to perform a task exactly when you want and how you want it to be done.

For instance, when you are using your mobile clock to set a reminder for a meeting, you are also coding, but not like an independent coder, you are practicing coding like a consumer. The clock that you are using on your mobile phone is an installed app designed by someone else and you have already paid for that app indirectly.

Similarly, all of us are associated with some sort of coding in our daily life starting right from the kitchen to working in the office, and from making the morning tea to driving the luxurious car.

We are coding everywhere like a consumer,

Proud to stay as a premium buyer,

We are consumers, we are consumers.

Did you try to position yourself as a creator?

You do never, you do never.

Did you try becoming an innovator?

You do never, you do never.

We are happy consumers, the happy consumers.

Let us take an oath today,

will inspire our kids every day.

Not to be a mere consumer, try to be a coder

Try to be a creator, try to be an innovator.

Coding is the best possible hobby in this world. No other hobby can give you the ultimate kind of satisfaction that you will get from your coding hobby.

Why coding is important for kids?

This is an important question every parent asks and most of them feel that engaging kids in coding are not a wise decision to take in their early stage.

I do agree with that!

But do you realize that your kids are quite attracted to mobile phones now a day?

I see mothers enjoy taking selfies with infants and they respond to cameras like mature. Slowly infants get more inclined to mobile phones and parents also happily extend watching videos on YouTube with their babies.

Imagine, if an eighteen months old baby can use voice commands to search and play attractive videos of her choice on YouTube, how he/she would be doing at her third-year birthday party?

I observed a two-year-old baby literally taking a selfie with the “Selfie Le Le Re” song on her lip.

Did you observe how fast your child is in operating mobile phones?

One of my friends was explaining the technical expertise of his two and half-year-old daughter and that she can put Barbie’s face on her mother’s photo using a photo editing app. She can click photos of her mother sometimes if she is sitting off mode and can make fun of her mother later on.

Does your child scream to play games on your mobile phone when you are talking to your important client?

mobile addiction

I heard one of my clients impolitely shouting at his two years old baby when we were discussing an important business deal. He apologized for the inconvenience but when I was eager to know the matter.

I can guess his level of anxiety while listening to his complaints about his daughter, “Mmm, when I just enter the house, she needs my phone, and I can’t even attend the important calls”.

Do you agree with me?

Do you happily hand over your mobile phone to the infant? Or unlikely do you do that?

If a small child can simulate how his/her mother treats when she is angry with someone. How his/her mother prepares food and how differently she appears to serve a family member and a guest. Kids can observe and act out how their mother casually serves food to her family members and how especially she can host when a guest arrives.

Yes, it happens to everybody.

Don’t worry.

They are now in the most intellectual phase of their life. They are so bright and have potential now, if you are smart enough to utilize them the right way then you will feel privileged rather than feeling adversity.

Apart from all those, I have even good experience too.

Once I visited my friend’s house, and he has got a cute baby.

Two and a half years old!

I brought some toys and a few sweeties for her, she was so happy and came very close to me and said, “You are my best friend”, Ok?

I replied, Yes, Ok.

When I asked, “What are you going to offer your best friend?”

“Mm, mm, you know I can sing a song for you”, she replied.

Once she started!

My Goodness!

I was so surprised!

She is like “Choota Bomb, Bada Dhamaka”.

She was singing beautiful songs, rhymes, alphabet songs, and even more she can count numbers up to a hundred. This is something called the power and beauty of potential parenting! And all this was possible with the help of a simple mobile phone.

Her mother knows how to handle both an intelligent infant and a smartphone together. I might say that this is called coding an intelligent brain and porting it to a smart device.

As mobile phones become an integral part of our life, you can’t keep your children away from the devices whatever way you try it. If you become more rigid in that case to keep them away the effect will be negative. Your child will be demotivated and they might lose attention to their studies.

Kids are like fragile items handle them with care.

The best way to engage your kids is to make them learn coding not just for the sake of coding, but you have to choose the suitable coding course that can improve your child’s creativity, logical and structural thinking skills, communication skills, and math skills.

How coding can help your child to be successful?

There is a lot of research work done by experts about the benefits of engaging young kids to learn coding in the early stages. You may have read many articles on this topic, but I am going to share my own experience here.

Coding can instantly motivate your child to become a good learner:

In 2016, I was conducting a coding and robotics workshop at one of the best schools in the city. The principal of the school selected students with good academic records and those who are genuinely creative in nature for this workshop.

One student from class VIII came to me directly asking to join this workshop. I suggested approaching the principal; he replied” Mam has rejected my name!”, as my result was not good in the last exam.

When I personally approached his name to the principal, she was not allowing this student as he was not a sincere student as well as his academic performance was also not good.

She asked me” What do you think about this boy?”

I replied, Mam, you cannot predict when a ‘click’ will be a ‘right click, let me try.

He joined the workshop did very well and became the first learner in a short time. Not only he became one of the best performers in the workshop but also he secured 87% marks in his board examination. This is the boy who was not able to clear all the subjects when he was in class VIII.

Coding helps your child think out of the box:

Did you notice how addicted your child is to play games on your mobile phones?

I had many parents with the same complaint against their children. I used the small script to help them out.

Hey, why don’t you make your own game rather than playing others, and wasting time?

They joined my coding class and now they are engineers. Their parents are happy now. Now, the summary is that if you approach the right teacher/mentor to help your child learn to code, then the result is 100% assured. Your child will develop many skills and you can observe his/her progress. Best coding courses for your children.


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