Unleashing Creativity in the Skies: The Aeromodelling Workshop at Regional Science Khanapara’s Summer Hobby Camp!

Overview of Regional Science Khanapara

Regional Science Khanapara has established itself as a prominent hub for fostering scientific curiosity among young minds. Known for its diverse range of educational programs and engaging workshops, the institute continues to be a beacon of inspiration for aspiring scientists and engineers.

The Summer Hobby Camp and its Significance

The Summer Hobby Camp organized by Regional Science Khanapara, is a much-anticipated event for children and teenagers. It provides a unique platform for participants to explore their interests and discover new passions during their summer break.

Introduction to Aeromodeling Workshop

One of the highlights of the Summer Hobby Camp was the exhilarating Aeromodelling Workshop. The workshop aimed to introduce the young enthusiasts to the captivating world of aeromodeling, where imagination takes flight.

Meet the Master Trainer: – M F Haque

M F Haque’s Expertise in Aeromodeling

At the heart of this thrilling workshop was the eminent aeromodeling expert, M F Haque. With a wealth of experience and a passion for sharing knowledge, Haque has been an influential figure in the aeromodelling community.

The Role of a Trainer in Nurturing Creativity

A successful workshop is not just about teaching technical skills; it’s also about nurturing creativity. M F Haque understood this well and played a pivotal role in inspiring the participants to think beyond the conventional and let their imaginations soar.

Day 1: Getting Off the Ground

Introduction to Aeromodeling and its Types

The workshop kicked off with an introduction to aeromodelling, encompassing its various types – from gliders and rubber-powered planes to remote-controlled aircraft. Participants were amazed by the diversity within the realm of aeromodelling.

Basics of Flight Principles

To truly appreciate aeromodelling, understanding the principles of flight was essential. Haque brilliantly explained the forces of lift, thrust, drag, and weight that govern the skies, making the learning process engaging and enjoyable.

Understanding Different Model Planes

Aspiring aeromodellers were exposed to a spectrum of model planes – from graceful gliders to high-performance remote-controlled jets. Each type had its unique characteristics and challenges, offering a glimpse of the exciting journey ahead.

Day 2: From Blueprints to Reality

Designing Your Aeromodel – Materials and Techniques

Building upon the theoretical knowledge from Day 1, participants delved into the world of aeromodel design. From selecting appropriate materials to mastering construction techniques, they gained valuable insights into transforming ideas into reality.

Importance of Precision in Aeromodeling

Attention to detail is critical in aeromodelling, where even the smallest discrepancy can impact performance. M F Haque emphasized precision, teaching participants how meticulousness can lead to extraordinary achievements.

Day 3: Building Your First Aeromodel

Hands-On Construction Session

The third day marked the eagerly awaited hands-on session, where participants rolled up their sleeves and put their newly acquired knowledge to practice. Guided by Haque’s expertise, they began crafting their first aeromodels.

Overcoming Challenges and Learning from Mistakes

As participants worked on their creations, they encountered challenges that tested their problem-solving skills. Haque encouraged them to embrace mistakes as stepping stones to improvement, fostering a growth mindset among the young learners.

Day 4: Fine-Tuning and Aerodynamics

Balancing and Adjusting Your Aeromodel

Fine-tuning an aeromodel is a fine art that demands patience and precision. Haque demonstrated how minor adjustments could make a significant difference in performance, elevating the aeromodeling experience to new heights.

Exploring the Fascinating World of Aerodynamics

Delving deeper into aerodynamics, the participants explored the science behind lift and drag, understanding how subtle changes could optimize flight characteristics. This exploration further fueled their curiosity about the wonders of aviation.

Day 5: Taking to the Skies

Preparing for the First Flight

The much-anticipated moment arrived – the day when the participants’ creations would take to the skies. Haque guided them through pre-flight checks, ensuring their safety and enhancing their confidence before the big moment.

The Thrill of Flight – Experiencing Aeromodeling

As the aeromodels soared through the air, the participants experienced an unparalleled sense of accomplishment. The thrill of flight, combined with the satisfaction of creating something with their own hands, left an indelible mark on their hearts.

Unleashing Creativity in the Sky

Aeromodeling as an Artistic Expression

Aeromodeling transcends the realm of mere technicality; it is an artistic expression that allows individuals to infuse their personalities into their creations. Each aeromodel becomes a unique reflection of the builder’s imagination, making the skies a canvas of innovation and beauty.

Encouraging Innovation and Unique Designs

M F Haque’s encouragement for participants to think outside the box bore fruit as they showcased an array of inventive designs. From whimsical shapes to innovative wing configurations, the workshop celebrated the power of imagination in shaping the future of aviation.

The Joy of Learning and Collaboration

  • Creating a Supportive Learning Environment: One of the defining aspects of the workshop was the collaborative and supportive atmosphere. Participants eagerly exchanged ideas and assisted each other throughout the journey, fostering a sense of camaraderie that enhanced the overall learning experience.
  • Teamwork and Bonding Among Participants: Through teamwork, participants discovered the joy of collective achievement. As they collaborated to overcome challenges and fine-tune their aeromodels, lifelong friendships were forged, creating a sense of belonging and shared passion for aeromodeling.

Fostering a Passion for Science and Engineering

  • Inspiring Future Engineers and Aviators: The workshop served as a gateway to the world of science and engineering. By merging theory with hands-on practice, M F Haque ignited a spark of curiosity among the participants, inspiring some to pursue careers in aerospace and aviation.
  • The Impact of Aeromodeling on STEM Education: Aeromodeling seamlessly integrates science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) principles, making it an ideal tool for experiential learning. The workshop demonstrated the potential of hands-on, project-based education to cultivate a deep understanding of STEM concepts.

Beyond the Workshop: A Lifelong Hobby

  • Resources for Continued Learning: The excitement of aeromodelling doesn’t fade once the workshop concludes. Participants were provided with valuable resources, such as online tutorials, books, and community forums, to continue their exploration of aeromodeling beyond the confines of the workshop.
  • Joining Aeromodeling Communities and Clubs: To further nurture their passion, participants were encouraged to join local aeromodelling clubs and communities. These groups not only offer continuous learning opportunities but also provide a supportive network of fellow enthusiasts to share experiences and knowledge.

Interview with Participants

  • Experiences and Takeaways from the Workshop: In candid interviews, participants expressed their delight at the workshop’s immersive nature and how it exceeded their expectations. Many spoke of newfound self-confidence, honed problem-solving skills, and a fresh appreciation for the world of aviation.
  • How Aeromodeling Ignited a Passion for Aviation: The workshop kindled a deep love for aviation in the hearts of participants. Several shared dreams of pursuing careers as pilots, aerospace engineers, or even contributing to the cutting-edge advancements in the field of aviation.

M F Haque’s Closing Thoughts

  • Reflecting on the Workshop’s Success: M F Haque expressed immense pride in the participants’ achievements and their unwavering enthusiasm. He emphasized that their growth as aeromodellers was a testament to the power of nurturing creativity and curiosity in young minds.
  • The Joy of Sharing Knowledge and Skills: Haque reiterated the joy he derived from imparting knowledge and skills to the next generation. Witnessing the participants’ transformative journey from novices to skilled aeromodellers filled him with immense satisfaction and hope for the future of aviation.


  • Celebrating the Spirit of Aeromodeling: The Aeromodeling Workshop at Regional Science Khanapara’s Summer Hobby Camp was not just a mere event; it was a celebration of innovation, creativity, and the spirit of exploration. It showcased the unlimited potential that young minds possess when given the opportunity to spread their wings and soar.
  • Gratitude to Regional Science Khanapara: The success of the workshop owes much to the dedication of Regional Science Khanapara in organizing such enriching programs and to the guidance of M F Haque, who selflessly shared his expertise. The memories and skills gained during the workshop will forever remain etched in the participants’ hearts as they continue to unleash their creativity in the skies.