It was really an important day for me to get an opportunity to interact with the students of Northeast on a topic that was very much unexplored among the students. A topic that most people used to connect with fiction and Hollywood movies. I will be ever grateful to the organizer, The Regional Science Center, Guwahati for this wonderful opportunity.

In this article, I will be discussing the following topics:
– What is robotics?
– Why robotics is an important subject to be introduced to the school curriculum?
– What are the benefits of learning robotics in early schooling days?

You might be interested to know about the topic.

It was an exciting moment for me as well as the students, teachers, parents, and visitors who witnessed my presentation during the State Level Science & Engineering Fair organized by the Regional Science Center, Guwahati on 11th January 2014.

I have been invited by the Regional Science Centre, to take part in a popular talk show and address the students and participants of the science and engineering fair, about the benefits of learning robotics. As most of the participants are students of different schools and engineering colleges of Assam, Meghalaya, and Manipur.

I guess this was the first event in Guwahati where a few working robots were displayed and the audiences were allowed to interact with those robots. Another interesting fact about the audience was that they were students from schools and colleges and the most energetic and exciting audiences.

When I enter the auditorium of the Regional Science Center, I heard students were whispering about M F Haque’s presentation on Robotics. They were asking each other whether they will get to see real robots? or the presentation will be some kind of video presentation.

I predicted the level of excitement among the audience about robots before even the time of presentation.

During this popular talk show, a series of questions they were asking, some of them are mentioned here:
How can a robot recognize objects and sound?
– How can a robot perform the task you want it to do?
– Is it possible to take robotics as a career?
– How can I learn robotics as a school student?
There were hundreds of questions coming from the audience and it was an exciting presentation.

What is robotics?
Robotics is a very wide topic and in this article, I am not going to discuss everything about robotics. Instead, I will go to the objectives of robotics connected to school students.

Robotics is a subject of study where students can use basic electronic components (actuator, microcontroller, circuit, sensors, etc.) to design machines and use computer programming (C, C++, ROS, Matlab) to make these machines intelligent that can be used to do jobs.

Some robots can do work by themselves where other robots need someone to tell them what to do.

A robot that is solving a SUDOKU by itself.


Why robotics is an important subject to be introduced to the school curriculum?

1. Robotics education helps students to connect science and math and apply that to solve real-life problems:
2. Inspire students to find their true passion:
3. It helps students develop patience and persistence to solve any problem:
4. Robotics can help students practice and develop essential teamwork skills in that early stage of their which is most importantly needed in professional life:

What are the benefits of learning robotics in early schooling days?

The benefits of learning robotics in early schooling days are endless and it is not possible to explain in one article.
As there is a quote “Knowledge never goes waste”.

If a child aims to become a doctor and he gets an opportunity to learn robotics in school, he might update his aim of becoming a general doctor to a specialization in robotics surgery.

Similarly, in the case of a student who aims to become a musician and wants to start his music studio in the future, he can think of adding artificial intelligence to his studio to enhance the quality of music.

As a parent, our job is to offer the best possible opportunities to our children to help them explore a different field of study and career possibilities in their life. So we need to encourage our children and engage them to practice innovation in life.