Air is Present Everywhere! What do you think?

In this article, we are going to learn how to understand and experience the presence of Air in the Atmosphere through some hands-on experiments.

As we all have learned in the Science Textbook that “Air is Present Everywhere”.

Do you Agree?

If it is Yes, then.

How to prove the presence of air in the Atmosphere?

Here I am going to help you with a small experiment that you can try in the classroom or even you can try it at home. This is a Do It Yourself (DIY) Science Experiment that does not require any kit. You can use household items and recycled

Air is Present Everywhere:

Lesson Objective

  • Learn about the properties of Air.
  • Understand and experience that the air is Present Everywhere
  • Provide a space for students to connect science with a hands-on activity.

Age Group

7- 9 Years

Things Required

  • An empty glass bottle / Transparent Water Bottle.
  • A plastic tub.
  • Water.

Safety Measure

  • Do not spread water in the surroundings.
  • Ask your parent to help you if you are trying this project at home.


Step1: In the beginning, we will check the size of the water bottle and the size of the tub. It’s wise to take a transparent water bottle so that you can observe when water gets inside the bottle.

Step2: Get the water tub ready and make sure that your floor is clean.

Step3: The height of the water tub needs to be more than the water bottle.

Step4: Carefully remove the cap of the water bottle. Remember to handle a glass bottle with care.

Step5: Hold the water bottle upside down and sink it in the tub of water.

Step6:  What do you observe now? The water enters the bottle and raise up to a certain level.

Step7: Now, you push the bottle deeper into the water and observe it.

What did you see?

The level of the water inside the bottle remains the same but it raises outside the bottle, i.e in the tub.

Am I Correct?

Step8: Now, tilt the bottle a little to one side.

So that the air inside the bottle can come out from the mouth of the water bottle and rush to the surface of the water in the tub.


What do you observe in this activity?

  1. When you immerse the bottle upside down in the water, there is something inside the bottle that prevents the water from entering it. Which is Air.
  2. When you tilt the bottle a little, air finds a way to escape from the bottle in the form of bubbles.
  3. The bottle is now empty and you are able to completely fill the bottle with water.
Thus, Air is present everywhere, even in an empty bottle.

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