The drone is the only multipurpose aircraft in the history of aviation that flies without a pilot. This is also called Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) used for military purposes for the following reasons:

  • No risk to the pilot’s life in the warzone Fly restless as long as there are fuel Mechanical problems (minimum).
  • Today, drones become so popular that people widely use them to deliver medicine, for surveillance, and for aerial photography.

Allowing kids to fly drones can inspire them to choose a fascinating hobby and develop multidimensional skills. Kids with a flying hobby become Pilots and Aeronautical Engineers like Wight Brothers.

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Drone for kids: Is this relevant in the real world?

Drone for kids seems impractical in the real world! Yes, you are right in your assumption. But the reality is something else that I want to share with you What Carrie Robledo says about using drones in the classroom for five years throughout this article.

  • Drones are exciting for kids of any age
  • Drones offer great troubleshooting opportunities to kids
  • Drones offer a different kind of engagement

How GLIDE girls are using drones to create amazing zoo tour challenges and captured the promotional video.

A drone is one of the best STEM education tools for kids.