Canva Pro for Free! Is it Possible?

Canva Pro for Free: Canva Pro is the professional version of the Canva App that provides more features and flexibility than the FREE version. Whether you are a beginners level Graphics Designer or an Expert, you are going to love this Canva App because of its features and flexibility.

In this article, I am going to reveal the secrets of using Canva Professional Features for Free. You just need to follow the instruction to activate Canva Pro for Free.

Who needs it for Free?

If you are a student or a freelance graphics designer, or just started YouTubing and you do not have sufficient budget to subscribe to Canva Pro. When you feel that the features available with Canva free version are not enough for you to create an attractive design to engage the audience then obviously you need the Canva Pro.

How do I get Canva Pro for free?

So, here I am going to explain the process of how to activate Canva Pro for Free. But I suggest you Buy a Canva Pro subscription once you earn some money.

Canva Pro for FREE! Steps to Get it!

Follow the steps to activate:
Step 1: Create a Free Account from Canva’s official website if you don’t already have an account.

Step 2: Once you open the Canva Official Website you will see the SING UP for Free as given in the above image. Sing Up with your Gmail account, it’s easy!

Step 3: Go to this link.

Step 4: Go to the end of the article till you see “Download Free Guide…

Canva Pro For Free

Step 5: Wait for 60 seconds to get the link we need. Then, click on “Click Here To Download.”

Step 6: After 60 seconds, when you click the download button, you will be redirected to join a team. Join the team.

Step 7: You will reach the home page of your Canva Pro Account for Free! That’s it, you did it, enjoy!

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