IoT for Kids? Are you Kidding?

What is IoT?

IoT is the connected network of physical objects ‘things’, embedded with sensors, actuators, and software. It connects systems and exchanges data with each other over the internet.

Do you remember the story of Khul Ja SimSim? – Ali Baba and Forty Thieves. IoT is the real-life demo of your childhood imaginary scene. Where you can automate your home appliances and control them from anywhere around the world using IoT. You just need a voice command through your smartphone.

Again, learning about IoT inspires kids to think and innovate. So, make your child try a small IoT project at home and see the excitement.

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What is IoT for Kids? How does the Internet of Things work?

Before going to What is IoT for Kids? I want to tell you something about IoT. The term IoT (Internet of Things) is defined by experts in different ways but here is the best way to understand IoT. Let me take you to some of the real-world applications of devices Train schedule alarm clocks, GlowCaps, and  IoT Smart Umbrella to make you understand what is IoT and how it works.

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Train schedule alarm clock:

Suppose you want to catch your train (at 4:30 AM) early in the morning in cold winter. And your house is 5 KM away from the station. You may need 45 minutes to get your family ready and another 30 minutes to reach the station. After reaching the station and waiting for 30 minutes you get to know the train is delayed for an hour. If you accompany your family with small kids and an aged mother in such cold winter and the train gets delayed. How would you feel?

In such a situation, you get a train schedule alarm clock that can wake you up a little later if trains are delayed, and can work out the length of time you need to get ready and catch the train. If the clock would check the train times online and lets you sleep for a long time when the train is delayed. Even, in case of emergencies or when the trains were canceled, if the clock would email your workplace that your train got canceled and you would be working at home. Would you feel relaxed? If it is yes then this is the flavor of IoT (Internet of Things).

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GlowCaps – Healthcare Technology:

A device that uses light and sounds to remind you of the time to take medicine. It can also record when a pill bottle is opened and send an adherence report to the caregivers, and doctors through email. If a patient fails to take medicine on time, it can call the individual to remind them. The Glow Caps device can also connect to the pharmacy when the pills are running low. Do you think IoT devices can help you live a better life?

IoT Smart Umbrella:

This umbrella is not just to keep you safe from raindrops but also informs you about rain. This is an automatic open/close smart umbrella that can sense location for loss prevention and weather reminders. Sometimes, you may observe that your umbrella handle lit up. It means that it has checked the Google weather reports and predicted rains.

Smart Electricity Monitor

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Definition of IoT:

So, the term IoT (Internet of Things) means the interconnection of internet-enabled smart devices that collect data through sensors and software and make informed decisions. These IoT devices range from a small and ordinary plant watering system for your terrace garden to the most sophisticated industrial tools.

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What is the application of IoT for Kids?

Since IoT is the most trending and useful technology for our day-to-day life. We see the use of smart devices increasing in every aspect of human lives. Be it home automation, business, sales & marketing, manufacturing, and logistics. The interconnection of smart devices is multiplying with the help of coding and computer programs.

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Does IoT really useful for kids?

Yes, it is useful for children in many ways. Here I have categorized the most important use of IoT for kids based on the purposes as follows:

  • IoT for taking care of children.
  • IoT for Educating Children with smart technologies.
  • A career in IoT Industry.

Use of IoT for Taking Care of Children:

The right application of modern technologies can play an important role for children as well as for parents. I agree that the use of technology won’t be able to replace the concept of good parenting but it can help them enhance it. The right use of technology means that the technology should be used responsively, keeping the security and privacy of kids. Today’s kids are blessed with technology as parents are providing tablets, phones, and game consoles for education and entertainment. There are side effects that to some extent;

  • Kids might get stuck with mobile games.
  • Mobile phones may bind them to stay home and they won’t go outside to play.

But the Internet of Things can be used to take care of children without making them addicted to gadgets:

Wearable Children Tracker for Parents – IoT for kids

IoT Children tracker for parents

Children tracking are one of the most important and widely used systems globally. Every parent is very concerned about their kid’s safety and security and wants to keep track of locations.

In fact, IoT makes it very easy and portable for both parents and their children. You can attach a smart IoT device anywhere may be on shoelaces, belt loops, shirt tags, or even button whole. The benefits of IoT are that it allows children with special needs more freedom while being watched and monitored.

It also helps parents to monitor the behavioral problems of children peacefully.

Toys that Improve Cognitive Thinking: IoT for Kids

IoT Toys for kids

Surprisingly, the IoT has evolved much better in times. Now you just need to input cognition to develop an extended version of humans by infusing IoT with Artificial Intelligence.

Equally, AI helps to go beyond the normal machine to cognitive rationalization of problems & solutions like human intelligence. It is very similar to human intelligence and is called cognitive artificial intelligence.

Again, it turns an intelligent machine into a special machine with humanoid intelligence enabling them to learn, and communicate with humans in a common language.

Self-installing infant Car seats – IoT for Kids

Self installing car seat

Identically, the self-installing car seats automatically attach themselves to the base of the car seats. Whenever a child seats, it automatically adjusts it and continuously monitors it with sensors to track seat status and ensure correct installation for a safe journey.

This kind of IoT device is very essential for every mother who drives a car with children. As the children move a lot to watch things in their surroundings while traveling. Sometimes, kids extend their heads outside of the window or try to touch something outside.

In fact, a driving mom needs an attendant to take care of the children while driving. Now they can drive the car peacefully without an attendant.

IoT  for Kids – Smart buttons for newborn babies:

smart button

Generally, the first few months of a newborn baby need to be taken care of very carefully which is a tuff job for parents. If the baby rolls on his/her stomach the smart button immediately sends a notification and the parents take care of the baby. This IoT device is very handy to use and help parent grow their baby peacefully.

In fact, It is a very challenging and difficult job to monitor a baby 24X7 for a mother or an attendant. You need to be alert all time without considering other priorities of daily life.

But this IoT smart button can provide some sort of relief to mothers with newborn babies.

Fever Reading Wearable Thermometer – IoT for Kids

Wearable ThermometerPerhaps, the IoT fever reading device made it easy for parents to track the body temperature of their babies. The App also incorporated AI to take appropriate action and advice the parent in case of an emergency. It also collects real-time temperature data and plots the graph to provide a clearer view of the temperature.

Generally, small children are very prone to allergies, coughs, and colds. You need to take extra care of them if there is a little change in the weather that can affect the body temperature of the baby.

So, this wearable fever reading thermometer is considered an important safety tool for parents. It may save your baby and help you live happily.

IoT for educating children with smart technologies:

When talking about Application IoT in education, it needs to cover a lot of things in the beginning only. The Internet of Things has changed the concept of teaching and learning from a teacher-centric system to a cloud-based system. Where both the teacher and student enjoy experimenting and recording the progress.

Now, the methods of teaching have reformed and added 10 X values towards providing quality with the help of IoT. Modern classrooms are not limited to chalk and duster, pencil and paper, it has equipped with sensors and microcontrollers.

Smartphones and Tablets in the classroom

Moreover, the students use smartphones and tablets in the classrooms which made things easier to explain and understand. Teachers can better explain any complex process or concept with the help of augmented reality and graphics. There are plenty of apps that can be used to make students understand and observe how things work.

While you can use augmented reality to augment computer-generated graphics into the real environment. For example, if you look at the sky through your mobile with an augmented reality app that enables you to a computer-generated object on your screen. This technique helps students to learn more interactively.

Use of IoT for Real-time Assessment :

Here, IoT devices in the classroom make it easy for students to access learning materials and take part in real-time activities. This also helps teachers to assess how a student is learning and measure the progress accurately. You can use an IoT device to teach any topic ranging from language to mathematics.

In the case of teaching practical skills like medical science, the use of IoT can enhance the level of understanding of the subject matter. You can also use graphics and animated videos to make things more elaborate for learners.

IoT for students with disability:

The Internet of Things can be used to create a user-friendly environment for people with disabilities and help to accommodate them for social integration.

The application of the internet of things is not limited to smart attendance, smart boards, or integrated alarm system. It can help you apply a child-centric assessment of students’ performance and suggest them better solutions with evidence to perform well.

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It is now your time that how you are going to use this IoT technology for your children. There is no doubt about the benefits of IoT devices in our lives and nobody can deny it. It has so many dimensions to using IoT for kids ranging from taking care of your baby to educating them, and also to keeping them safe and healthy.

So, use this modern technology to make things easier and enjoy your life.

If you have any ideas or suggestions, please feel free to ping me in the comment box. A single word from you can inspire me to create more posts and a share can help others to use IoT for peace of mind and live happily.

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