Arduino tutorial series for Beginners and Advance level learners!

Learning to work with Arduino is fun! If you are new to Arduino then you are in the right place. Here, I will show you how to use the Arduino simulator, to begin with making simple circuits and testing them virtually as well as how to make Arduino projects by connecting basic electronic components with Arduino boards.


  1. What Is Arduino?
  2. What is Arduino IDE? How to install Arduino IDE?
  3. How to use Arduino IDE on Windows and Mac?
  4. How to Upload Arduino Blink Sketch & Run Arduino Code
  5. What is the structure of Arduino Programming?
  6. Create and Save Sketch in Arduino Web Editor!
  7. Variables in Arduino Programming – Beginners Complete Guide!
  8. How to use the LDR to control the pitch of a sound?
  9. How to use LDR Light Dependent Resistor with Arduino?